Virtual Lectures, Webinars, and Tutorials

Dr. Elizabeth Zarur lectures on Icons & Retablos: Images of Devotion.

Zara Worth discusses her research into the similarities between Eastern Orthodox icons and contemporary smartphones.

Why Icons Curve

Museum Executive Director Kent Russell lectures at the Irish Hellenic Society.

Dr. Svetlana Nikitina ponders Tolstoy’s views on love and how they changed before and after Anna Karenina.

Princeton Professor Olga Hasty Peters discusses Countess Evdokiia Rostopchina’s “A Forced Marriage” poem.

Artist Anne Bobroff-Hajal talks about the origins of her art with the Wende Museum’s chief curator, Joes Segal.

Marina Smirnov, owner of Finist Natural Beauty Products discusses the Russian history of bathing.

Intern Eric Livingston, explains the origins and techniques used to create the lacquer boxes in the Museum’s collection.

Docent Dennis Sardella explains the sacred spaces of an Orthodox church.

Brett Donohoe, PhD candidate at Harvard University details the mystical power that emanates from Orthodox icons.

Reverse Perspective, the Politics of Space, and Contemporary Art Practice.

Explore the life and art of the Byzantine Princess Sophia Palaiologina in this virtual lecture.

Join Romanov historian Nicholas B.A. Nicholson for an exploration of Christmas at the Russian court.

In this webinar, the team that assembled The Long Way Home exhibition discuss the process and history of the exhibit.

Iconographer Lydia Lynette Hull explains the practice of iconography.

Join Education Director Amy Consalvi and her rabbit Cooper for Storytime. Click here to download an activity sheet.

The curators of Tradition & Opulence: Easter in Imperial Russia discuss the symbols of Easter in Russian art.

Learn how to make blueberry infused vodka.

Iconographer Aidan Hart lectures on Orthodox icons’ place in the modern world.

Join in a virtual discussion on the historical relationship between the visual languages of Byzantium and Russia.

Artist Anne-Bobroff-Hajal and Professor Elizabeth Woods explore Russian history’s representation in art.

The Museum registrar, Laura Garrity-Arquitt, explores the symbolism of three types of Mother of God icons.

Learn to make a repoussé icon. Click here to download metal tooling templates.

Join Professor Nadieszda Kizenko for the webinar “Today I Arise.”

Enjoy a spotlight tour of our icons, St. Paraskeva and St. Nicholas, by Registrar Laura Garrity-Arquitt.

Learn about the exhibition Pysanka: Symbol of Renewal and enjoy a short demo of pysanka egg decorating.