Main phone number: 978.598.5000

(Email addresses: first initial + last name (at)

Brianne Buote, Manager of Visitor Services & Inclusion, x126

Anna Farwell, Marketing Coordinator, x118

Laura Garrity-Arquitt, Registrar, x116

Lise Graham, Visitor Services & Membership Coordinator, x110

Simon Morsink, Executive Director, x112

Melanie Trottier, Manager of Administration, x113


Eric Brose
Ruah Donnelly
Ted Lapres, Treasurer
Dr. Boris Levin
Catherine Mannick, VP
Jack McCabe, President
Ann Molloy, Clerk
Dr. Svetlana Nikitina
William O’Neil, Jr.
Margaret Patel
Peter Rand
Kent Russell
Dr. Wendy Salmond

Ex Officio
Simon Morsink, Executive Director