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Corncobs to Cosmonauts: Redefining the Holidays during the Soviet Era

Icons of the Hellenic World: The Argie & Emmanuel Tiliakos Collection of Greek Icons

The Art of Alexander Gassel

Rushnyky: Sacred Ukrainian Textiles

Concert: St. Petersburg Men’s Ensemble

Museum Receives Icon Donation

New Program Series at the Museum: Russkie Posidelki

Museum of Russian Icons Receives Mass Humanities Grant

Migration + Memory: Jewish Artists of the Russian and Soviet Empires
from the Vladimir and Vera Torchilin Collection

Fantastic Beasts In Iconography



9.07.2018 Worcester Business Journal: Forty Under Forty: Water or Vodka

8.29.2018 Broadway World: Corncobs to Cosmonauts Redefines the Holidays at the Museum of Russian Icons

8.20.2018 Jezebel: Hello, Please Take a Free Museum Ticket Thank You

6.28.2018 Russia Beyond the Headlines: 8 Russian art museums that you can find in your country

6.22.2018 The Clinton Item: Two exhibits on display at Museum of Russian Icons

6.12.2018 Greek Boston: Icons of the Hellenic World Exhibition Opening Reception in Clinton MA

5.10.2018 MetroWest Daily News: Arts Preview

5.10.2018 Artfix Daily: Museum of Russian Icons presents Contemporary Russian American Artist Alexander Gassel

5.23.2018 Broadway ‘Icons of the Hellenic World’ Opens at Museum of Russian Icons on June 22

5.1.2018 Orthodox Observer: Massachusetts Museum to Exhibit Greek-Byzantine Icons

3.22.2018 Broadway World: Museum of Russian Icons presents Alexander Gassel

1.20.2018 The Museum of Russian Icons opens “Rushnyky: Sacred Ukrainian Textiles”

1.20.2018 Artfix Daily: Museum of Russian Icons presents Rushnyky: Sacred Ukrainian Textiles

1.16.2018 Clinton Item: Ukrainian rushnyky subject of new exhibit at Clinton museum

01.11.2018 GoLocal Worcester: Museum of Russian Icons to Host Exhibition Celebrating Ukrainian Culture

01.11.2018 Harvard Press: Museum of Russian Icons presents exhibit of sacred Ukrainian textiles

01.11.2018 Clinton Item: Museum of Russian Icons to present ‘Rushnyky: Sacred Ukrainian Textiles

01.07.2018 Harvard Press: January at the Museum of Russian Icons


11.30.2017 Wicked Local: Museum of Russian Icons to Host St. Petersburg Men’s Ensemble

11.26.2017 Metrowest Daily News: Migration and Memory at Russian Icons Museum Features Jewish Artists

11.21.2017 Chicago Tribune:Massachusetts Russian icon museum gets major donation 

11.20.17 Philippine Canadian Enquirer: Massachusetts Russian Icon Museum Gets Major Donation

11.15.2017 Art Daily: Museum of Russian Icons Receives Major Gift of more than 100 Works

11.15.2017 Broadway World: Museum of Russian Icons Receives Largest Gift Since Founding

11.15.2017 Worcester Business Journal: Museum of Russian Icons Receives Largest Donation of Artifacts

11.15.2017 Telegram and Gazette: Artifact Collection Donated to Museum of Russian Icons

11.13.2017 PRI The World: How the Russian Revolution Changed the Lives of Jewish Artists

11.2.0017 Artscope Magazine: Migration + Memory: Revolutionary Jewish Art in Clinton

10.12.2017 Artfix Daily: Migration + Memory: Jewish Artists of the Russian and Soviet Empires

10.12.2017 Museum Open House: Migration + Memory: Jewish Artists of the Russian and Soviet Empires

10.13.2017 Telegram and Gazette: New Exhibit Studies work of 20th century Jewish Artists in Russia

10.27.2017 Clinton Item: Museum of Russian Icons Announces New Program Series

8.24.2017  Sentinel & Enterprise: Comedian-author to speak at Clinton museum on revolutions of 1917 and their modern-day effect

7.25.2017 NPR: For One Artist, Russian Orthodox Icons Mean the Perfect Blend of Art and Spirit

7.2017 Atlas Obscura: Museum of Russian Icons

6.10.2017 The Telegram & Gazette: “Fantastic Beasts” on Display

6.3.2017 The Telegram & Gazette: Fantastic Beast Show Opens with Family Day

6.1.2017 Atlas Obscura: This old mill and former police station now present a world-class collection of Orthodox iconography

5.29.2017 The Telegram & Gazette: Ethiopian Works Show Off Another Side of Icons

5.4.2017  Icons of Ethiopia US Exhibit at Museum of Russian Icons in Massachusetts

3.26.2017 GoLocal Worcester: Museum of Russian Icons to Host Zolotoj Plyos Concert

3.4.2017 The Harvard Press: A Bit of Ethiopia in Clinton

1.22.2017 Russian Icons & Antiques Blog: The Museum of Russian Icons

3.23.17 Worcester Magazine: Spring Arts Preview 2017


11.17.16 Sentinel & Enterprise: Weekend Best Bets Museum to Show Rarely Seen Icons

09.15.16 The Harvard Press: Museum of Russian Icons celebrates 10 years

09.08.16 Museum of Russian Icons Kick off 10th Anniversary Celebration October 15

09.07.16 New England’s Museum of Russian Icons Celebrates 10 Years with Party and Programs

08.21.16 Wicked Local Hanson: The trouble with angels: Rescued Tiffany stained glass at Clinton museum

07.22.16 Clinton Item: Tiffany glass windows on display at Clinton museum

07.21.16 Sentinal & Enterprise: Tiffany windows gleam in ‘Angels’ exhibit at Museum of Russian Icons

07.18.16 Worcester Business Journal: Russian icon museum faces international incidents, fundraising goals

07.03.16 Boston Globe: Clinton museum returns icons to Russia, diffusing international controversy

06.28.16 Worcester Telegram: Rediscovered Tiffany Windows coming to Clinton gallery

05.25.16 Boston Globe: Museum in Clinton sending icons to Russia

05.25.16 The Item: Museum of Russian Icons making international news

05.23.16 Worcester Telegram: Delaney joins Museum of Russian Icons team

04.26.16 Worcester Telegram: Russian Duo set to perform at Museum of Russian Icons

03.06.16 Worcester Telegram: In Clinton, Russian natives recall life under USSR shadow

02.12.16 The Item: New display offers family-friendly fun

01.18.16 The Item: Matryoshka doll exhibit opens Feb. 11

01.13.16 WBUR’s The ARTery: 13 Art Exhibitions To See This Winter

12.08.15 The Catholic Free Press: St. Nicholas comes to town

11.27.15 The Item: ‘Discovering St. Nicholas’ finds the truth behind the story

10.20.15 Worcester Telegram: Clinton landmark receives AAM accreditation

10.17.15 Boston Globe: For museum donor, collecting nesting dolls a journey of hope

08.16.15 Boston Globe: The Ticket: Art, Byzantium to Russia

07.12.15 Worcester Telegram: Basketmaker will share his craft

07.12.15 Worcester Telegram: Collection of nesting dolls finds new home at Museum of Russian Icons

07.04.15 Worcester Telegram: Museum now home to woman’s nesting doll collection

06.30.15 Artscope Magazine: The British Museum Dazzles at Museum of Russian Icons

06.27.15 Boston Globe: The ticket: art, Top Pick by Sebastian Smee

06.07.15 Boston Globe: The ticket: art, Top Pick by Sebastian Smee

05.14.15 Worcester Magazine: From ancient Byzantium to Clinton

05.09.15 Worcester Telegram: Tahanto students explore new exhibit from British Museum

05.06.15 Metrowest Daily News: Russian stories, artifacts reincarnated en route to Clinton

05.03.15 Worcester Telegram: Icons from British Museum on view in Clinton

05.02.15 Russia Beyond the Headlines: Byzantium to Russia: Origins and Development of Russian Icons, 1200 to 1900

04.11.15 Boston Globe: Two major exhibitions at Museum of Russian Icons

03.15.15 Lowell Sun: Weekend Lectures

03.11.15 Crux-Covering all things Catholic: Praying with icons

03.01.15 Tewksbury Town Crier: Russian Treasures

02.01.15 Metrowest Daily News: EXHIBIT: Ethiopian icons reveal ancient Christian culture

02.01.15 Metrowest Daily News: VIDEO: Ethiopian art at Russian Icons Museum

01.26.15 Worcester Telegram: Russian icon museum showcases Ethiopian art

01.29.15 Johnny Appleseed Country feature: Ethiopian Exhibit at the Museum of Russian Icons

01.23.15 The Item: New exhibit explores Ethiopian icons

01.22.15 Worcester Telegram: Ethiopian icon exhibit in Clinton

01.18.15 Mass Vacation Blog: The One-of-a-Kind Museum of Russian Icons


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