No 1 (2015)

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker with Angels and Miracles: A New Image of Saint Nicholas of Myra in Russian Art of the 16th Century
Engelina S. Smirnova

Visuality Among Cubism, Iconography, and Theosophy: Pavel Florensky’s Theory of Iconic SpaceĀ 
Clemena Antonova

A Teratological Source of Hellhead
Henry A. Hundt and Raoul N. Smith

Images of the Invisible: Icons and Iconoclasm in Jean-Luc Marion
Stephanie Rumpza

John Climacus’ Ladder, Russian Spirituality and Monastic Revival(s): Contextualizing the Lankton codex
Diana Dukhanova

From Biblical Personage to Demon: Judas in Old Russian Iconography
Dmitry Antonov