Enjoy a Virtual Program or Let the Museum Travel to You

Can’t get your group to the Museum? A member of the Museum’s team will present a program over Zoom or, when health and safety standards allow, visit your institution to give a presentation using PowerPoint and a selection of objects from the education collection. Presentations can focus on a variety of topics and be modified to meet the interests of the audience. Possible focus topics include: iconography, Russian history, nesting dolls, Russian folklore, etc. The duration is generally 45 minutes to an hour.

We ask for a donation of $50 for virtual programs or $150 for basic presentations to institutions within 30 miles of the Museum. Presentations may also include a small selection of objects from the Museum’s permanent collection for a fee of $100 per object. A check made out to “Museum of Russian Icons” is due on or before the date of the program. If you would prefer to pay by credit card, please call (978) 598-5000 x121.

For more information call Amy Consalvi: 978.598.5000 x125.