Editor’s Greeting

Raoul Smith

As the only museum in the United States dedicated to the collection and exhibition of icons, the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts, established the Center for Icon Studies in 2012 to support research in iconology and iconography. We are pleased to introduce the first volume of the online Journal of Icon Studies.

Saint Nicholas with Angels and Miracles, Novgorod, 16th century. Private collection, London. 54 x 42 cm
Nativity of the Mother of God, Museum of Russian Icons collection, Accession, 2011.39a
Resurrection and Descent into Hell, Museum of Russian Icons collection, 2011.90

A Teratological Source of Hellhead

Henry A. Hundt and Raoul N. Smith

Paternitas, c. 1590, Museum of Russian Icons collection, R2009.18
“Damned Trinity,” Model 3: Judas sits in the Devil’s lap, the Devil sits in a Hell-Giant’s lap. Detail of the Descent into Hell icon, Vladimir-Suzdal, 16th century