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Pondering Mary: Her Story Through Icons
March 11 – May 21, free with admission

This exhibit of more than 35 icons, explores Mary’s role in Christianity. As early Christians tried to figure out who Jesus was and how he related to God, they also began asking questions about Mary.
Over the centuries, as Western devotion to her grew, Mary became important in her own right, apart from her Son. Specific devotions to her, such as the Rosary, came into being. As her notability grew in strength, Western images of her depicted not a mature woman, but a slim, young woman with flowing hair, who was both sweet and compassionate, with a demure humility.

In the East however, the Virgin never attained a prominence apart from her Son. As you will see in these icons, seldom is she portrayed without some relationship to Christ. From the beginning, she was portrayed as one in full possession of her powers. She is never portrayed as the young, adoring mother so often found on our Christmas cards. Rather, she is a woman who has born life and death, seen joy and grief, and has “pondered all these things in her heart.”
Come see how Mary’s life is portrayed in icons; how her relationship with her Son has defined her; and how the Russians have viewed her complex role in salvation.

Reverend Chris Visminas curated this exhibit. She is an ordained Episcopal Minister, holds a B. A. in theology from Duquesne University, and an M.A. in theology from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

Opening reception and symposium: Saturday, March 18. Click here for details.