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Saturday, January 28, 1:00-3:00pm
Members $40, Nonmembers $50
Limited to 25 participants, registration required by Friday, January 20

Birch is considered the sacred tree of the Slavic people and has been used throughout the centuries in various ways. Marina Smirnov, creator and owner of Finist natural beauty products, will lecture on the many applications of birch in Slavic culture – from making banya brooms out of birch twigs, to the health benefits of drinking birch juice. Afterward, participants will enjoy a birch-themed tea ceremony using birch bark containers that hold tea leaves, sugar, and other condiments, washing hands with birch tar soap and sipping some birch juice while waiting for the water to boil and tea to steep. To learn more about Marina’s work, visit https://www.finistdesign.com/