The Center for Icon Studies (CIS) at the Museum of Russian Icons promotes the continuing study of all aspects of sacred icons. While the Museum’s primary focus is Russian icons, CIS takes a broader global perspective. It supports research in iconology and iconography, including but not limited to conservation, historical and comparative studies, and geopolitical, religious, and spiritual areas.

In support of its mission, CIS publishes the online Journal of Icon Studies with peer-reviewed articles and reviews of books and exhibits. In addition, researchers have access to educational videos, publications, and research tools, including a dictionary of icon terminology, a Russian-English lexicon of saints’ names, and the museum’s extensive collection.

The CIS also provides a venue for the online publication of important monographs, museum catalogs, and translations of primary documents related to icons.

Our research library is available for use by appointment. Please contact the Museum Registrar, Laura Garrity-Arquitt at 978.598.5000 x116.