The Museum of Russian Icons has dedicated this part of the website to the online publication of peer-reviewed research in all areas of religious icons.

The goal of the Center for Icon Studies is to be a leader in the publication of such research. The areas of interest that we support are the history of icons, art criticism, social studies of icons, theological considerations in the development of icons, comparative studies across regional and national boundaries, the study of miniatures and their relation to icons, studies of icons in various media, paleographical and other aspects of the writing on icons, issues in the conservation of icons, and many other topics.

In addition to scholarly research papers, the Center publishes book reviews that touch upon icons and icon exhibition reviews. We also post conference announcements covering aspects of icon studies. And, the Center provides research tools to aid in the study of icons.

The Occasional Papers area of the Center for Icon Studies website publishes research papers written by Museum affiliated researchers and by external scholars commissioned by the Museum. Unlike the submissions to the Journal of Icon Studies, these contributions, although solid research, are not refereed. It is a perfect outlet for short papers or for reporting preliminary results of research, on any topic in the field of religious icons.


Journal of Icon Studies Volume 1 jis_v1

“Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker with Angels and Miracles” A new image of Saint Nicholas of Myra in Russian art of the 16th century (icon from a private collection in London)

Visuality among Cubism, Iconography, and Theosophy: Pavel Florensky’s Theory of Iconic Space

A Teratological Source of Hellhead

Images of the Invisible: Icons and  Iconoclasm in Jean-Luc Marion

John Climacus’ Ladder, Russian Spirituality and Monastic Revival(s): Contextualizing the Lankton Codex 

From Biblical Personage to Demon: Judas in Old Russian Iconography

The Icon of the Pochayiv Mother of God

Materials and Craft in the Exterior Frescoes of Churches in Northeastern Romania

The Icon and the Hand Acheirpoiesis (‘Nerukotvornost’) as a Literary Technique in Shalamov’s Glove 

Contextualizing Some Byzantine and Russian Images of the Mother of God and Saints from the British Museum

Materials and Craft in the Exterior Frescoes of Churches in Northeastern Romania

The Icon of the Pochayiv Mother of God: A Sacred Relic between East and West 


Feeling Persecuted: Christians, Jews and Images of Violence in the Middle Ages by Anthony Bale

Inscriptions on the Icon of the Descent into Hell and the Resurrection of Christ with the Story of the Good Thief

Observations on some lexical and paleographic features of an inscription on Icon R2007.46, “Mother of God, In thee rejoiceth”

Icon of the Last Judgment: A Detailed Analysis

The Ladder of Divine Ascent—A Codex and an Icon

The Holy Archangel Michael and Scenes of His Deeds – A Contemporary Icon (2010) by Alyona Knyazeva

The Icon of Saint Xenia, the Holy Fool

The Stroganov Minyeia Icons

Theotokos of the Unburnt Bush: An Interpretation