The Journal of Icon Studies promotes the study of Russian icons and publishes new and important research relating to them in a more timely and efficient manner than the usual print outlets. Members of the academic and broader community are encouraged to submit original research papers based on the Museum collection to the Center’s Editorial Board for review.


Contributions to the Journal of Icon Studies are solicited in all areas of icon research. Submissions, and any questions about submissions, should be made in electronic form to the editor, Wendy Salmond,

The Journal of Icon Studies follows editing practices of The Chicago Manual of Style, including the transliteration of Russian Cyrillic characters.


All submitted articles are given an initial review by the Editor of the Journal of Icon Studies. This initial evaluation is guided by the following criteria:

  • The language of the proposed article is English or Russian. If accepted, an English translation of a Russian article, and vice versa, will be made available on the site by the Museum.
  • The material is original and important.
  • The writing is grammatically correct and clear.
  • The data are appropriate to the topic and factually correct.
  • The conclusions are reasonable and clearly supported by the data.
  • The topic has general interest to the icon research community.

Based on these criteria, the Editor assesses the paper’s initial eligibility for publication. If a manuscript does not satisfy all these criteria, it is rejected and notice sent to the author. If the manuscript satisfies most of these criteria, it is sent to three members of the Editorial Board with knowledge of the topic of the submission. They may, in turn, submit it to outside reviewers. The identity of the specific reviewers is kept confidential from the author(s) just as author identities are kept confidential from the reviewers. Reviewers are required to maintain confidentiality about the manuscripts they review and must not divulge any information about a specific manuscript or its contents to anyone not involved in the review process.


If the manuscript is accepted as is, the author is so notified and the publication process is begun. If it is accepted with revisions, the manuscript is returned to the author for revision with reviewer comments.  Authors are responsible for all statements made in their work, including changes made during editing. The final form rests in the hands of the Editor of the Journal after consultation with the author and reviewers. The finished product will appear exactly as in a printed publication, but, when appropriate, with added features available only on an online site.